Welcome to Camp Velo, a youth bike camp located in San Francisco for children 6-14 years. Our camp offers an interactive and exciting way for children of all skill levels to develop biking skills, explore the outdoors and their local environments, and make new friends. Our experienced coaches look to inspire the new generation of cyclists. At Camp Velo, we aspire to teach riders the skills they need to become safe, confident, and skilled riders through day-long engagement in the art of cycling.

Outcomes and Goals:

Life skills

  • We aim to inspire sportsmanship and a lifelong passion for biking in each of our riders.
  • We aim to improve the self-confidence, self-esteem, and life skills of each of our riders by developing life skills and a better understanding of themselves.
  • Encourage each of our riders to view their bikes as a new mode of transportation that will allow them to explore and think about their world in new ways.
  • Encourage our riders to be continually mindful their of their journey in health and fitness through biking.

Riding skills

  • Our riders will learn how to bike safely in congested areas.
  • Our riders will improve their riding and maintenance skills, and will learn how to best understand their limitations and strengths as a rider.
  • Our riders will build endurance, strength, and stamina.


  • Riders will become confident and independent bike riders.
  • Riders will learn what it means to trust themselves and their abilities through sports.
  • Riders will learn to how to use biking as a form of independence in transportation.

Exploration and Fun:

  • Riders will explore their Bay Area home in new ways.
  • Riders will develop new friendships while learning sportsmanship.
  • Riders will participate in team building and creative activities.